Get the hilarious naughty knit Beanie. It's the perfect fun gift for you & your friends. All beanies are made in the USA, machine washable & one size fits all!

This is the most awesome knitted beanie in the world. It has animal lovin' all over it!  Designed and Knitted with love, these knitted hats are one size fit all.

Knits R Us (aka released the new Naughty Deerstyle Beanie and the Official Jersey Sweaters. Turning wool synthetics into retro, dressy and trendy knittastic beanies, jersey sweaters and jersey dresses. Perfect for men & women and anyone with a sense of humor!

Whether you dress in style with the Naughty Knit Beanie, that is starting a series of new hat designs or the sweater that has helped people look in style, retro, vintage and cool in 4 continents; Mens clothing & womens clothing will never be the same.

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